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Thursday, 3 March 2022, 15:08

No one in Ukraine knows the days of the week from Monday anymore, everyone is counting the days since the beginning of the war. And everyone who considers oneself a Ukrainian - in their own land or abroad, endeavors to bring the time of our victory closer.

Everyone fights for the state as they can. The editorial board of Ukrainska Pravda ("Ukrainian Truth") does what it does best - it searches, checks and publishes information. And this work objectively helps to change life and influence the course of events. 

The war did not catch us by surprise - we believed in the best, but we were preparing for the worst. That is why our news editors did not stop working for a minute since the beginning of hostilities, during the air raids, power and telephone cuts.


Analytics shows that during the first days of the war Ukrainska Pravda was the most popular website in Ukraine after Google. Today we are being read by nearly 8 million people around the world.

We feel responsible for providing timely and truthful information to the world about the events taking place in Ukraine today. We are glad when we release stories that will calm and comfort people, and we are dismayed when we write about the losses.

Knowing that information should be quickly and easily downloaded, we do not put any excess photos or videos in the articles. 

And we also temporarily turned off all advertising banners for Ukrainian audience.

This was a risky move from the point of view of financial security of the editorial office. But we went for it, hoping that there will be people, or rather companies that do not have the opportunity to show their ads on the UP at the moment, but will want to support us. It is for them that we leave our payment details below:

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