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The aggressors strike at Ukraine from the Caspian Sea - Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Thursday, 31 March 2022, 00:53
The aggressors strike at Ukraine from the Caspian Sea - Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Olha Hlushchenko - Thursday 31, 2022, 00:53

Russia is launching missile strikes targeting Ukrainian territory even from the Caspian Sea. One such strike pounded Yavoriv military base.

Source: Ukrainian Air Force Command spokesman, Yuriy Ignat on Facebook


Verbatim: "Russia attacks from the air with missiles of different types. In most cases these are ‘Kalibr’ and ‘X-55’. These are cruise missiles and they may be based at different places."

"The aggressors also have multiple aircraft to conduct attacks. By the way, it happened that a few reached the Lviv region from the Caspian Sea."

"This way they attacked Yavoriv military base. For example, six aircraft take off and launch missiles in programmed directions. Missiles are inconspicuous, and aggressors often use low-flying streams."

"Two or three days ago, aircraft took off from the airfield in Brest. So far there has been no activity observed there."

Details: According to Yuriy Ignat, Russians are also attacking with Iskander missiles. They launch the rocket very high, it makes an arc and at breakneck speed flies towards the target.

"The Air Force of the Ukrainian army has already learned to shoot these [missiles - ed.] down," said the Air Force Command spokesman.

Yuriy Ignat said that the missiles could be shot down quickly, the main difficulty is to detect them. However, there have been incidents when Russian missiles collapsed halfway due to malfunctions or hit the wrong targets.

"Most of the missiles are visible to Air Force personnel. However, these are high-precision weapons that fly at 800 kilometres per hour. If a missile was launched from the Black Sea, the targeted location programmed for it is unclear, and so the air raid warning is on from Kherson region to the West," the spokesman explained.

According to Yuriy Ignat, the Air Force is shooting down targets mainly with anti-aircraft missile systems. Stingers, Igla, British anti-aircraft missile systems are in service.

"We are already shooting down fighters, which is a testimony to the skill of our pilots. It is very difficult, because the right conditions must be created, we must be in a favourable location. Of course, there is a chance that the missile will be neutralised along the way. These targets are small and hard to detect. But this isn’t stoppint us. We are shooting them down," - Yuriy Ignat emphasised.