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Summary by the Ukrainian General Staff: Russia is trying to recruit “employees” to form its occupying authorities

Thursday, 31 March 2022, 07:29


The Russian leadership is preparing to form its own occupying authorities in the temporarily occupied territories. They are selecting employees of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and courts within Russia with the intent to send them to Ukraine.

Source: General Staff of The Armed Forces of Ukraine


Details: the FSB, the 652nd group of information and psychological operations and officers of the 12th Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation are "working" to create another pseudo-republic in the Kherson region. Their job is to conduct so-called "re-education" work with local authorities and the public. They use videos with fictitious people.

The Russian occupiers are becoming more and more demoralised.

In the units of the 60th Separate Motorised Rifle Brigade of the 5th Army of the Eastern Military District, two platoon commanders were removed from office due to non-compliance with the order to conduct hostilities. The deputy commander of the brigade for military and political work will arrive in the town of Yasynivka in the Donetsk region to provide explanations [to Russian command].


In the formations and units of the Baltic Fleet, in particular the 79th Separate Motorised Rifle Brigade of the 11th Army Corps, there are numerous refusals to serve and a reluctance on the part of "conscripts" to sign contracts for jobs in the army.

Military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces is moving on the territory of Belarus, probably to regroup units and create a reserve.

In the territories of the Kyiv region from which the invaders have left, there are frequent cases where landmines have been found in the grounds and the buildings of local residents.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are continuing to mount defence operations on the eastern, southeastern and northeastern fronts. The invaders have been successfully held back on all fronts. Ukrainian troops are carrying out successful counterattacks in some places.

In particular, 5 Russian invading attacks were repulsed on the Donetsk and Luhansk fronts; 10 tanks, 18 units of armoured vehicles, 13 units of motor vehicles, and 15 artillery systems were destroyed. The invaders suffered casualties.

The Ukrainian Air Force struck 4 planes, one UAV and 2 cruise missiles. The Air Force continues to launch missile and bomb strikes on sites where the invaders’ equipment and manpower are concentrated.