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Statue of Jesus Christ "evacuated" from Armenian Cathedral in Lviv

Saturday, 5 March 2022, 22:39
Statue of Jesus Christ evacuated from Armenian Cathedral in Lviv

Ukrainska Pravda  - Saturday, 5 March 2022, 23:39

People continue to protect valuable cultural and artistic monuments in Lviv from the threat of bombing or hostilities broght by the Russian aggressors. A mediaeval sculpture of Jesus Christ from the Armenian Cathedral has been moved to a bomb shelter.

Source: Lviv City Council citing Lilia Onyschenko, Head of the Department of Historic Environment Protection, Hromadske Radio


Lilia Onyschenko said: "We are wrapping the sculptures with fireproof cloth, glass wool, then special foil and finally are putting special sacks on them. This will not save the figure if there is a direct hit, but if there is a powerful shock wave, they will not break into pieces and fly apart. It is not always possible to dismantle them because they are big."

Details: Unique stained glass windows in temples and residential buildings are being covered with protective screens, and some are being dismantled altogether.

The sculptures, including fountains on Rynok Square near the Town Hall, are being wrapped in fireproof and protective materials. All of these monuments are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The most significant effort is the dismantling of a wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ from the Armenian Cathedral. It was part of a mediaeval altar that survived the hardships of World War II.

The statue will be stored in a bomb shelter for the duration of the Russian war in Ukraine.

All museums in the city have also dismantled exhibits and transferred them for storage in the bomb shelter.

Professional restorers and commercial companies specialising in advertising from Lviv have been brought in to protect and dismantle the monuments. Polish restorers have also joined the work, raising money to purchase materials.

Background: Russia has carried out active hostilities, including air strikes in the Syrian city of Aleppo, which also has historical and cultural UNESCO World Heritage sites.