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Propaganda radio station Sputnik will broadcast instead of “Echo of Moscow” in Russian Federation

Tuesday, 8 March 2022, 12:12

Propaganda radio station Sputnik will broadcast on a frequency used by "Echo of Moscow" in the Russian Federation.

Source: Margarita Simonian, chief editor and one of the main propagandists of Putin's regime, is quoted by "Meduza" on Telegram 

Details: Broadcasting on the "Echo" frequency will begin on March 9.


Quote from the propagandist Simonian: "It has been a historical injustice that the most-quoted radio station in Russia has not yet had an FM frequency. This has been corrected."

Previously: Margarita Simonian and Vladimir Soloviov have been placed under EU sanctions.

On March 3, "Echo of Moscow"’s board of directors decided to liquidate the media outlet.