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German Public Prosecutor General has started an investigation into Russian war crimes in Ukraine

Tuesday, 8 March 2022, 12:46


The German Public Prosecutor General, Peter Frank, has launched an investigation into Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

Source: Report in Spiegel magazine via European Pravda.


According to sources in the judiciary, this investigation would serve to provide extensive evidence and circumstantial evidence that would later enable proceedings against individual criminals, if necessary.

The investigation concerns reports of the use of cluster bombs, strikes on civilian housing and infrastructure, gas pipelines, nuclear waste disposal sites and thermal power stations.

Investigators will also focus on reports of "target lists" held by Russian and Chechen units stationed in Ukraine. According to reports, the lists contain the names of Ukrainian politicians who are to be killed. Last week, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he was the "number one target" for these units

In Germany, the public prosecutor general can prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity committed around the world. Earlier, the actions of Karlsruhe investigators resulted in a historic decision in a torture case involving Assad’s regime in Syria.

Previously: On 7 March, hearings on Ukraine's lawsuit against Russia on genocide began at the UN International Court of Justice.