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Invaders appoint "gang of three" to run seized Kakhovka on 1 April

Friday, 1 April 2022, 17:50
Invaders appoint gang of three to run seized Kakhovka on 1 April


On 1 April, Russian occupying forces in the Kherson region appointed several collaborators to lead the seized city of Kakhovka.

Source: Kakhovska city council


Details: On Friday, several dozen armed Russian Federation military personnel, along with some local residents, reportedly entered the premises of the Kakhovka City Council Office.

All employees of the city council office who were at their workplace at the time were gathered in the meeting room, their mobile phones were taken away and told that the city council, which currently organises all work in the municipality, were "failing in their duties".

The Russian occupiers also said that from today, Pavlo Filipchuk (former Kherson regional council member from the Oppoblok Party - ed.), Oleh Bukhovets, head of the police, and Oleh Havrylyuk, head of the Vodokanal public water utility service, will be in charge of the city, the statement reads.

Employees of the city council office who were on the premises were asked to cooperate with the aforementioned individuals, otherwise they would all be fired.

It is reported that the management of the Kakhovka municipality refused the offer.