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Mayor of Bucha says the city has been liberated from the occupiers

Friday, 1 April 2022, 19:26
Mayor of Bucha says the city has been liberated from the occupiers


Anatolii Fedoruk, Mayor of Bucha of Kyiv Region said that on 31 March, the city was liberated from the Russian occupiers.


Source: Address of Anatolii Fedoruk, published by Bucha city council 

Quote by Fedoruk

"March 31 will go down in the history of our settlement and the entire regional community as a day of liberation from Russian occupying forces by our Armed Forces of Ukraine."

"Today I claim that this day is full of joy, this is a great victory of our Armed Forces in Kyiv region. We will definitely expect and do everything to achieve a great victory all over Ukraine."

Quote by Bucha city council: 

"March 31 is the day of Bucha's liberation."

Earlier: Earlier on April 1, Bucha City Council Secretary Taras Shapravskyi and the City Council deputy Kateryna Ukraintseva said Bucha had not yet been liberated from the Russian military - it was dangerous to return there, there were many mines and banners in the city, and infiltrators could have remained in Bucha.


On March 28, it was revealed that Irpin had been liberated from Russian invaders.

On March 30, the Mayor of Irpin Oleksandr Markushyn said residents of the city could not return to their homes for at least a month.