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Zelenskyy: A Russian soldier from Pskov raped an infant in Ukraine

Tuesday, 12 April 2022, 15:03
Zelenskyy: A Russian soldier from Pskov raped an infant in Ukraine


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the Russian soldier who had sexually abused an infant in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine had been identified. 

Source: the President Zelenskyy, in his video address to Lithuanian Parliament


Details: Zelenskyy said that hundreds of cases of rape have been recorded in Ukraine, including underage girls and very young children.

Quote: "And even an infant! It's just scary to talk about it. But it's true, it happened.

Even this person, this Russian soldier Bychkov has been identified. From Pskov. A paratrooper or special services officer who sent a video of it to his friends. A video of what he was doing to the infant. How he mocks the baby!

This is what the Russian military is like. The "defender" of children. This is a "special operation" planned in Moscow. This is the story of the struggle for the "Russian world". This is what the Russian army and Russian paratroopers will now be associated with. From Pskov.

The rape of a baby…

Russian propagandists have apparently already begun to justify this. Apparently, they will say, as always, that this didn’t happen, and if it happened, it was for the protection of "Russian-speaking people".  And they will still be responsible for this crime - as well as every other such crime - as will the propagandists. As will those who educate such paratroopers. From Pskov.

As will those in Europe who do not turn off their televisions when Russian propaganda comes on.

And here’s something I’d like to know. How now will Russia’s Minister of Defence and the other authors of this "special operation" evaluate its results? After such crimes as this. After "feats" like this one, performed by the Russian soldier Bychkov?

Maybe the Russian Minister of Defence will invite Pskov paratroopers like this to protect their children and grandchildren? Is that a ‘no’, dear Minister? I'm sure he would be too scared". 


On 9 April, some media outlets reported that a Russian soldier named Alexey Bychkov, who was fighting in Ukraine, had been detained in Russia. A video was found on the internet in which the man introduces himself and says that he is recording a "fierce video". He then rubs an eyelash brush between the baby's buttocks, licks the brush and runs it over his face. The child begins to cry because of Bychkov's actions.

Other videos with this man were found on the social network. It is not known when they were filmed. In some of them Bychkov also commits sexual acts with a baby.

Users of the Russian social network "VKontakte" have pointed out that Bychkov sent footage of child abuse to his friend. In addition, the Russian soldier filmed his genitals.