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Russia planning a victory day parade in Mariupol on 9 May

Wednesday, 13 April 2022, 13:26
Russia planning a victory day parade in Mariupol on 9 May

Svitlana Kizilova – Wednesday, 13 April 2022, 13:26

The Russian Federation continues to hope it will occupy all of Ukraine and is even planning a "victory carnival" in Mariupol on 9 May.

Source: Petro Andriushchenko, advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol, in comments to Ukrainska Pravda


Details: Despite the fact that the Russian occupying soldiers do not control Mariupol, they are trying to create an "image" of peaceful life and are even preparing for a victory day "parade" on 9 May.

According to different sources, including the Security Service of Ukraine, local government received information that Kostyantyn Ivashchenko [the Russian-appointed "mayor" of Mariupol] was ordered to clear away the rubble and the bodies of civilians who had been killed in the Central neighbourhood of Mariupol in order to be able to hold a "parade" there on 9 May.

According to Andriushchenko: "The occupiers are planning to hold a "victory carnival" in Mariupol on 9 May…

The good news is that there is neither the equipment nor the people in the city to hold an event like that."

Details: The advisor to the Mayor also said that after Kostyantyn Ivashchenko was declared the head of the city [by Russian occupiers], he began handing out occupying powers to other persons in Mariupol.

On 13 April, Ivashchenko declared Myroshnychenko to be responsible for ensuring that education in Mariupol is provided in accordance with the rules and "standards" of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions. Myroshnychenko’s full name has not yet been disclosed, as his personal dossier is being assembled. "The occupiers are hoping to resume teaching for the 4th, 9th, and 11th (equivalent to the 12th elsewhere) grades on 1 May with a view to their formal integration into the Russian and pseudo-republican educational system," Andriushchenko stated.

Background: On 4 April, members of the Opposition Party – For Life (OPFL) gathered in School No. 53 in Mariupol and "elected" Kostyantyn Ivashchenko, a Russian agent, as the "head" of Mariupol. Another Russian collaborator, OPFL representative Harmyshev, was named secretary of the "community."