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More families found of Russian soldiers who died on Moskva flagship

Monday, 18 April 2022, 14:42
More families found of Russian soldiers who died on Moskva flagship

Svitlana Kizilova – Monday, 18 April 2022, 14:42

3 families of navy conscripts whose children "disappeared" after the sinking of the Moskva ship managed to get in touch with Dmitry Shkrebets, whose son – another navy conscript – also "went missing" after the Moskva sank.


Source: Meduza, Russian independent media outlet operating out of Latvia, citing Dmitry Shkrebets’ social media posts

Details: Shkrebets said that his son, Egor Shkrebets, who was called up to serve on the Moskva cruiser, was pronounced "missing" after the sinking of the ship.

Shkrebets is among the first groups of parents to publicly accuse the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation of lying about the sinking of the cruiser. At the same time, according to his profile on "VKontakte" [a Russian social media platform analogous to Facebook], he is an active proponent of the war in Ukraine and an admirer of Vladimir Putin.

After he posted about his son, 3 families from Yalta and Alupka (both in Russian-occupied Crimea) and from St Petersburg (in the Russian Federation) got in touch with him; their children – also conscripts serving on the Moskva – similarly went "missing" after Ukrainian Neptune missiles destroyed the cruiser.

According to Shkrebets, he and other families appealed to the Simferopol "military enlistment office", demanding that the families be told what had happened to their children.

Background: The mother of one of the Russian conscripts who was serving on the Moskva said that nearly 40 people died on the cruiser; many others were wounded, including having their limbs blown off.

Despite the statement released by the Russian Ministry of Defence that the entire crew of the Moskva cruiser, which was destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has been evacuated, reporters have discovered that a Russian sailor from the crew of the Moskva died in the attack: he was Ivan Vakhrushev, a midshipman from the Udmurt Republic [which is part of the Russian Federation].