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Ukrainians are tracking the movement of Russian troops thanks to one occupier-looter with AirPods

Monday, 18 April 2022, 22:38
Ukrainians are tracking the movement of Russian troops thanks to one occupier-looter with AirPods


A Ukrainian, Vitalii Semenets, is helping to track the movement of Russian troops through his AirPods, which were stolen from his home by the Russian occupier.

Source: Instagram page of Semenets


Details: A Russian soldier stole Semenets’ AirPods (wireless headphones) when looting his apartment while Russian occupying forces were in Gostomel. Russian soldiers withdrew, but thanks to the technology on Apple devices, Ukrainians can keep track of where their headphones are.

Find My technology on Apple devices lets you find the location of a lost device on the map if it's near Bluetooth smartphones or connected to Wi-Fi.

When Russian troops withdrew, he saw that the headphones were near Gomel in Belarus. Last week, Semenets checked and saw that the headphones were in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation on the border with the Kharkiv region. On 9 April at 22:10 (Kyiv time), the headphones "appeared" in the village of Kukuievka on the border between Russia and Ukraine.

This partly confirms the statements of Ukrainian and Western intelligence that the Russians transferred the units that were in the north of Ukraine to surround the Ukrainian forces in Donbas.


  • Belarusian journalists obtained video from surveillance cameras at a post office in Mozyr, where about ten Russian occupiers sent items looted from Ukrainians to their homes in Moscow, Omsk, Ulyanovsk and Novosibirsk. Subsequently, journalists published a list of the looters’ personal data with their addresses and telephone numbers.

During their withdrawal from the north of Ukraine, the Russian occupiers took a large number of cars from dealerships, as well as personal cars belonging to locals. Eyewitnesses near Minsk noticed that the occupiers even transported a route bus stolen in Ukraine.