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Kherson Mayor requests an explanation of how to work under occupation

Tuesday, 19 April 2022, 01:41
Kherson Mayor requests an explanation of how to work under occupation

Alyona Mazurenko, "Ukrainska Pravda" - Tuesday, 19 April 2022, 01:41

Kherson Mayor, Ihor Kolykhaiev has called on the President and the authorities to explain how local authorities should operate under occupation by Russian invaders.

Source: Kherson Mayor, Ihor Kolykhaiev


Verbatim: "Please provide clarification (recommendations) as soon as possible on how Kherson City Council should act […] should Russian military units attempt to establish their aggressor's power in the community, regional centre, oblast, to change the flag, or to establish the ‘ruble zone’."

"In order to avoid ambiguous interpretation of the current norms, which may be the basis for bringing officials to justice, I ask you to specify in detail (if possible) what the actions of officials should be, in particular regarding:

  1. submitting applications by officials and employees concerning: dismissal, transfer to remote operation with change of the respective locations of the administrative building of the City Council, official duties and rules for signing executive, financial and other documents.

     2. exercise of authority by heads of the municipal enterprises, which are founded by the City Council […].

       3.further actions of local self-government institutions should the Department of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine suspend its operation in Kherson (termination of                      pensions payments, social payments, salaries, etc.) and should local enterprises that sustain vital functions of the local settlements suspend their operation (light, gas, water,          electricity supply, waste management, etc.)."

Details: Ihor Kolykhaiev noted that the city is being besieged by the aggressors, and the Ukrainian authorities have ceased to exercise their authority.