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Marines of the Ukrainian Navy are intensively preparing for battles in the south

Saturday, 23 April 2022, 17:56
Marines of the Ukrainian Navy are intensively preparing for battles in the south


Ukrainian Marines are training before new battles with Russian invaders in the southern regions of Ukraine.

Source: Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook


Details: In the south of Ukraine, intensive training of marine units is underway. They are undergoing a process of restoring combat capability and further coordination to perform the assigned tasks.

In particular, marines are being trained to carry out raids and anti-sabotage operations within units. At the same time, most of the military personnel who they conducted training with already have considerable combat experience - soldiers took part in hostilities, including in the south during the large-scale invasion of Russian occupiers, so they know how to act in various combat situations.

According to one of the instructors, Chief of Staff Roman, in the first stage the marines had to work out how to advance to a destination, had to capture a checkpoint, and learned what the procedure is in case of ambush. In the second stage they conducted offensive operations, encirclement and destruction of the enemy with regular weapons.

Quote from the instructor: "The main focus of the training was the sergeants’ work. How efficiently the military personnel perform their tasks depends on the unit commanders. If the commander acts confidently and decisively and gives commands in a timely manner, then subordinates will act as as single coordinated mechanism. If, however, the commander is confused and is slow to make relevant decisions, it will be difficult for personnel to achieve the desired result. "

Details: Both the first and the second stages of training were passed almost without remarks - the infantry began to bypass the conventional enemy from the flanks, and then, with the support of machine gunners and grenade launchers, successfully destroyed certain targets.

The results of the training were summed up by a representative of the Navy Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He said that during the final stage of training all the necessary tasks to restore the combat capability of the unit were successfully implemented.

Quote of the command representative: "The required level of training and coherence of personnel has been achieved. Thanks to our partners, the unit is additionally equipped with modern small arms, including MG-42 and Browning M2 machine guns, as well as British-, French- and American-made anti-tank grenade launchers. The military personnel are ready to carry out combat missions to liberate Ukraine from the Russian occupiers. "