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People are fleeing the occupied territories, there is already a shortage of doctors in Nova Kakhovka - the mayor

Thursday, 28 April 2022, 14:04


In Nova Kakhovka, as in the whole Kherson region, there is a mass fleeing of residents to neighbouring regions and to the territory where there is no military action - there is a shortage of specialists, in particular, medical and municipal services.

Source: Mayor of Nova Kakhovka Volodymyr Kovalenko, Novokakhovska City Territorial Community


Details: Kovalenko said that the departure of people leads to a significant shortage of professional staff.

The heads of communal medical institutions - the head of the Central City Hospital Nataliia Honcharova and the head of the Center for Primary Health Care Olena Khodorkovska - were the first to sound the alarm. On 27 April, they discussed this issue with the mayor of Nova Kakhovka.

The departure of doctors and paramedics from the city puts a heavy burden on those medical workers who remain. Family doctors accept everyone, regardless of whether they’ve concluded the declaration with a family doctor or not, and there is no one to replace specialised medical specialists.

So far, a decision has been made to replace or to give one and a half shifts' pay to those specialists who remained in the city, so as not to interrupt treatment.

Quote: "The trend of skills drain of specialists of other services is also troubling. So far, two municipal services managers have left the city and have been replaced by their deputies. We hope that this will not affect the quality of services available to the population.

Employment contracts with specialists of state services and local self-government who left the city have been terminated, and those who remained work remotely.

The governing bodies of local authorities continue to perform their duties. "