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Occupiers and their collaborators declare their own mayor in ruined Mariupol

Monday, 4 April 2022, 20:24
Occupiers and their collaborators declare their own mayor in ruined Mariupol

In Mariupol, with the support of the occupying Russian force a new "mayor" has been elected. This is Kostiantin Ivashchenko - a political pariah from the now-illegal pro-Russian "OPZG" party.

Source: Statement by Mariupol Cityhall 

Quote: "The destruction of Ukraine's biggest industrial plant. The theft of tens of thousands of workers's salaries. Membership of "OPZG". Betraying the country. These are just some highlights from the biography of the self-proclaimed new "mayor" of Mariupol - Kostiantin Ivashchenko


The Ruscists don't seem to ever get tired of digging deeper and deeper into their endless well of cynicism. First they took this beautiful city hostage and bombed it to dust. Then they starved and murdered thousands of Mariupol citizens. And now in the ruins they forge an unholy union with this collaborationist"

Details: Current head of the Mariupol Administration - Petro Adriuschenko said that on the 4 April on the premises of Mariupol Public School N53, representatives of the "OPZG" party held a gathering and unanimously declared the pro-Russian Ivashchenko "head" of Mariupol.

Another collaborator - "OPZG" ex-MP Harmichev - was declared city deputy. 

Additionally Adriuschenko stated that many other members of the Mariupol administration, as well those of surrounding villages, were forced to attend this fake "election" under duress and the threat of execution by Russian forces. 

Quote: "We know by name exactly who the real collaborators were and will provide this information to any relevant authorities later, so as to not endanger our own people. A lot of them are currently being forced to go along with it. 

We are certain that this was staged as a reaction to the official session of Mariupol City Hall, which removed members of "OPZG" and Sharia from the city council and officially declared that Mariupol is and will remain a Ukrainian city with a single governing body - Mariupol City Council and its mayor, elected by the citizens in 2020"