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Bucha: murder, rape and torture of women and children. Russian Federation atrocities documented by investigators

Friday, 8 April 2022, 21:23
Bucha: murder, rape and torture of women and children. Russian Federation atrocities documented by investigators

Svitlana Kizilova - Friday, 8 April 2022, 21:23

Investigators and forensic experts are now focusing their efforts on documenting the crimes of the Russian army, including those committed against civilians, in locations where active hostilities took place in the Kyiv region, including Bucha.

Source: National Police of Ukraine, Kyiv Region Humanitarian centre


Details: Police officers are recording the terrible consequences of the shelling of settlements and atrocities perpetrated by the Russian military against civilians - the torture of local residents in the occupied territories, and the rape and torture of women and children.

The priority tasks for the police are to identify all those killed and tortured, to find the locations of single and mass graves, to exhume bodies for the necessary examinations and to return these bodies to relatives for burial.

The police report shows photos and videos from Bucha.

Quote: "195 people have been killed in the town of Bucha alone since 1 April. Some of them have been buried in a mass grave.

In order to carry out the necessary investigative actions in the Kyiv region settlements liberated from the Russian army in the shortest possible time, 37 investigative and operational groups have been set up, with 150 investigators from the National Police and Kyiv Regional Police engaged in the investigations.

They are inspecting the scenes of the crimes, interviewing witnesses and victims, and documenting the aftermath of the aggressors’ atrocities - hundreds of civilians killed and settlement infrastructure destroyed.

All the materials collected by investigators and forensic specialists will become the grounds for bringing war criminals strictly accountable in Ukrainian and international courts."

Quote: "Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova made a working visit to Bucha, liberated from the occupiers. The exhumation of the bodies of people, killed by the Russian occupiers, from the temporary mass grave has begun in the city.

One of the mass graves is near a church where about 67 people killed by the Russians are buried. Each body is being examined by specialists - forensic medical experts, criminologists, investigators and prosecutors. Most of the dead have gunshot and shrapnel wounds. Some of the dead had their documents with them, while the rest will have to be identified by relatives - either from their clothing or other characteristics and/or by DNA.

According to preliminary estimates, there are over 300 dead in Bucha. Police officers are recording every crime committed by the occupiers against Ukrainians."