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Occupying forces rule out possibility of extracting the military from Azovstal

Thursday, 12 May 2022, 12:57
Occupying forces rule out possibility of extracting the military from Azovstal


The leader of the DPR group, Denys Pushylin, confirmed that Russian forces were continuing attempts to take over the Azovstal plant in Mariupol and ruled out the possibility of extracting Ukrainian servicemen from there. 

Source: Pushylin in a comment to Russian propagandists, quoted by "Donbas News" 


Pushylin's quote: "Everything is going smoothly there (at Azovstal - ed.), Everything is clear. There are no civilians, so our units can bring this situation to a logical conclusion with a clear head, with clear calculations." 

What makes them believe that external forces should pay attention to this? To us, to Russia... I'm talking about all these sorts of "extractions". 

Listen, this is no extradition. They are trying to achieve an honourable surrender. But what kind of an honourable surrender are they talking about? Why do we have to go this way?" 

Details: Pushylin wants Azovstal defenders to "lay down their arms and head to a tribunal." 

Background: On 7 May, Marine Commander Serhii Volyna said the defenders had ended up in a hellish reality show watched by the whole world. And they still hope that the decision to save them will take place.

The Ukrainian side is suggesting the Russians exchange the severely wounded Ukrainian servicemen who remain at Azovstal for captured servicemen of the Russian Federation. There is no agreement yet. Negotiations are ongoing.

Volyna has asked Elon Musk to help them evacuate from Azovstal.