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Liashko needs 32 billion UAH to rebuild hospitals destroyed by Russia

Saturday, 14 May 2022, 18:12
Liashko needs 32 billion UAH to rebuild hospitals destroyed by Russia


At least 32 billion hryvnias will be needed to rebuild Ukrainian hospitals which the Russian army has destroyed, Ukrainian Minister of Health,Viktor Liashko, says.

 Source: Victor Liashko on the "Interfax-Ukraine" telethon broadcast on Saturday. 


 Direct speech: "The enemy has damaged 616 medical institutions, of which 101 have been completely destroyed. Plus 375 pharmacies have been destroyed and are not operating. Therefore, according to preliminary estimates, 32 billion UAH is needed to rebuild these hospitals. "

 Details: Liashko noted that the Ministry of Health is strategically considering the restoration of medical facilities.

 "We determine which hospitals there should be in a particular district, which departments they should have, what material and technical basis they should have - and we will equip and restore immediately in this area," he said.

Liashko said that the "expert and political level of discussions" has already been completed for the restoration of medical institutions in Kyiv Oblast. The restoration of medical facilities in Sumy and Chernihiv Oblasts is currently under discussion.

Direct speech: "Now they will work at the level of chief doctors of hospitals in the oblasts, and after that the Ministry of Health will take part in the discussion at the political level. We need to understand what equipment to supply so that hospitals can recover and we canhave access to medical care, as required by European Union requirements.

We will build a European medical system in Ukraine that meets European requirements to ensure access to health care for all at their place of residence."