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Demining of Kyiv Region Completed - President's Office

Friday, 20 May 2022, 16:22
Demining of Kyiv Region Completed - President's Office


According to the President's Office, engineers have completed demining in the liberated territories of the Kyiv region.

Source: Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo Tymoshenko


Quote from Tymoshenko: "Demining of the Kyiv region is entirely completed.

100% of Kyiv Oblast's electricity supply has been restored. The work has lasted 45 days instead of the planned 60.

More than 1,000 workers from different regions of Ukraine have been involved in the repair works. The power supplies have been restored to more than 265 thousand subscribers".


Details: In Motyzhyn, Kyiv Oblast it is planned to restore the lyceum, which has been working for 50 years, until 1 September.

In Andriyivka, Makariv district, the project to repair approximately 50 roofs has been started. In addition to this, communications and the Internet have been partially restored, gas and electricity supplies have been completely re-launched.

The Kyiv Regional Military Administration, together with representatives of the central services, has developed a roadmap for the repair of housing for people in the localities where the Russian occupiers destroyed buildings.


  •         Yesterday, 19 May, two men were killed by an enemy landmine in a field in the Bucha district. On 17 May, a tractor driver triggered a landmine near Kharkiv.
  •         In the Kyiv region, on 18 May, electricity supplies were completely restored in the region. The cost of services amounted to approximately UAH 300 million.
  •         As of 18 May, investigators had exhumed 1,288 bodies of civilians who had been tortured and killed by the Russian occupiers in the Kyiv region.