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On the evening of 9 May, Russians fired on the Odessa region with "Daggers"; air defence is working

Monday, 9 May 2022, 20:54

MONDAY, 9 MAY 2022, 20:54

On the evening of 9 May, the Russian occupiers carried out another shelling of the Odesa region; Ukrainian air defence intercepted enemy targets.

Source: The representative of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Serhii Bratchuk, in Telegram, "Odesa. Officially"


Quote: "The enemy continues to intensively shell our region and city with missiles. At night (Monday night - UP) our air defence system worked; thanks to our guys for downing an enemy drone. Then, in the morning, 4 missiles hit the Odesa region; infrastructure facilities were damaged. Restoration work is ongoing.

... And in the evening the enemy again fired at our area. Our air defence guys are doing a good job again."

Details: Bratchuk added that the Russians forces have stepped up aerial reconnaissance and are also attacking in the information field. He urged residents of Odesa region not to believe fake messages. 

Quote: Operational Command "Pivden" (South): Another missile strike was inflicted on the Odesa region. Three "Kinzhal"-type missiles fired from a Tu-22 strategic aircraft. Objects of tourist infrastructure were hit. 5 buildings were destroyed.

The fire was extinguished, 2 people were injured and taken to the hospital. Searching the rubble, from under which a dog was rescued, continues. An investigative-operational group of the National Police is working at the crime scene of Russia against Ukraine.


As a result of rocket attacks by Russians in the Odesa region on 8 May, a girl was injured, civilian facilities and infrastructure were damaged, and 6 settlements were left without power.