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Melitopol occupiers do not have enough refrigerators to store dead soldiers – Ukrainian State Intelligence Service

Thursday, 9 June 2022, 12:45


The occupiers of Melitopol are urgently looking for additional freezers and industrial refrigerators to store the bodies of Russian soldiers killed in action, as the city meat-packing plant is full of corpses.

Source: Press Service of the State Intelligence Service of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine


Quote: "Currently, the corpses of Ruscists who died fighting on the Polohy-Huliaipole front are being intensively transported to Melitopol."

Details: According to intelligence, the Russian military arrived at the Aron-M enterprise on 6 June and examined its refrigeration chambers. The equipment was found suitable for conversion into a morgue. The company's management was informed of their decision that the bodies of the occupiers would be kept there free of charge.

Intelligence sources emphasise that the number of Russian soldiers’ bodies is rising in the occupied territories not only because of heavy losses at the front, but also because the military leadership is trying to hide the real scale of their losses. To that end, they are practising the so-called "graduated" transportation of bodies to the Russian Federation and dragging this process out for as long as possible. 


Reminder: According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the general combat losses of the Russian forces as a result of military aggression from 24 February to 9 June consisted of about 31,700 personnel. 200 occupiers were killed in just one day.