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Co-chair of US Congressional Ukraine Caucus accuses Spartz of playing along with Putin

Sunday, 10 July 2022, 09:24
Co-chair of US Congressional Ukraine Caucus accuses Spartz of playing along with Putin


Marcy Kaptur, co-chair of a group supporting Ukraine in the US Congress, has backed President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and accused her colleague Victoria Spartz of rashly helping Russian President Putin.

This has been reported by European Pravda (European Truth), which has seen Kaptur's statement.


Kaptur, who is a Democrat, noted that the US Congress has, on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis, spearheaded support for Ukraine in its heroic efforts to defend its homeland and end Russia's brutal war.

"While some members may seek to sow division and inflame tensions - as a whole, the United States Congress stands firmly behind President Zelenskyy and his leadership as Ukraine battles for its survival," Kaptur said, referring to Victoria Spartz's public stance.

Kaptur stressed that the level and scope of US cooperation with President Zelenskyy's office "gives no reason to doubt the loyalty of any official" and accused Spartz of playing into Putin's hands.


"Those who are spreading wild narratives aimed at undermining Ukrainian officials during the war are recklessly providing aid to Putin and his propagandists. The United States is committed to Ukraine's victory and the Ukrainian people have no greater friend than the United States," Kaptur assured.

She added that the US as allies will continue to work hand in hand with President Zelenskyy and his office to end the war.

The stumbling block between the two Ukrainian-born American women has been the suspicion and accusations against Andrii Yermak.

Victoria Spartz wrote to US President Joe Biden on Friday requesting that Congress be briefed on the oversight procedures related to Andrii Yermak, the head of the Ukrainian President's office.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticised Spartz's request, saying that her actions "are an undisguised attempt to bring back classic Russian propaganda narratives about alleged ties between Ukraine's leadership and Russia and to drag our state into US domestic politics."

In response, Spartz said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy "must address the issue" of Andriy Yermak and called on the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take her statements seriously.