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Russia's losses in the war are significant, but not yet critical – Ukrainian Intelligence

Thursday, 21 July 2022, 15:38
Russia's losses in the war are significant, but not yet critical – Ukrainian Intelligence


The losses sustained by the Russian armed forces in the war are significant but not yet critical, because they have a large potential source of mobilisation; but the problems in the occupier’s troops remain.

Source: Vadym Skibitskyi, representative of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, at a briefing at the Ukraine - Ukrinform media centre


Details: According to Skibitskyi, it is chiefly the staffing of combat units, which lack specialties such as mechanics/drivers and gunners, that require special training.

The Chief Intelligence Directorate also reports that the invaders' permanent areas deployment do not have enough personnel to form a battalion or a battalion tactical group. Therefore, these are now being formed from different areas.

According to Ukrainian Intelligence, Russia conducts covert mobilisation in three different ways.

Quote: "Mobilisation in Russia takes place covertly. The country’s Combat Army Reserve is now being used to equip rifle battalions. We have clear evidence of this. There are no medical screenings or other procedures - you just sign a contract at the Military Commissariat and go to the front.

The second method of mobilisation in the Russian Federation is the formation of volunteer battalions on a nation-wide basis. The Kremlin has given instructions to create such battalions in all federal entities. The number of troops in one battalion is 500-600 people who will fight in Ukraine.

The use of mercenaries is also widespread. They are mostly natives of Middle Eastern countries, a practice that also goes against international conventions. Currently, Russia has not announced mobilisation, because to do so would require a declaration of war. For the Kremlin, doing so would mean declaring defeat and a failure to implement previously announced plans."