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Kherson shipyard seized by Russian occupying forces

Saturday, 30 July 2022, 21:46
Kherson shipyard seized by Russian occupying forces


Smart Maritime Group (SMG), a major Ukrainian shipbuilding holding company owned by Vadym Novynskyi, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament, has announced that it has lost control over the Kherson shipyard.

Source: Smart Maritime Group press service


Quote: "Currently, the soldiers of the Russian Federation are prohibiting the administration and employees from entering the territory [of the shipyard].

The Director General of SMG has appealed to all law enforcement agencies and the Security Service of Ukraine with a statement about the seizure of the enterprise.

All operations at the Kherson shipyard were halted on the first day of the Russian occupation of the city of Kherson. All staff were kept on the payroll and received financial aid. Most recently, only security workers responsible for the physical security of the facility and ensuring emergency services were in good order remained on the territory of the shipyard. No SMG staff remain on the territory of the shipyard following its seizure [by Russian forces]."

Details: SMG has told Ukrainian law enforcement that a Turkish ship and its crew are now located in the shipyard. Their fate is currently unknown.

Background: On 8 July, Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian parliament - ed.] voted to strip Novynskyi of his mandate as a member of parliament.

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