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Air raid sirens blare in many Ukrainian oblasts following "bangs" in Crimea

Thursday, 18 August 2022, 23:48
Air raid sirens blare in many Ukrainian oblasts following bangs in Crimea


An air raid siren was sounded in many oblasts of Ukraine following the reports of explosions in occupied Crimea on Thursday evening, 18 August.



Details: As of 23:47, an air raid siren has been sounded in many oblasts of Ukraine. 

An air raid siren indicates the danger of missile strikes: residents are advised to take shelter.

The monitoring group Belaruski Hajun reported that several fighter jets took off from Baranavichy at 22:32 - 23:17.



  • On the evening of 18 August, residents of Kerch in occupied Crimea heard explosions. The Russian occupying authorities claim that air defence systems had been activated. According to social media, "the whole of Kerch" heard the first loud blasts at 20:42. Another powerful sound resembling an explosion was reported at 20:56. The Russian occupying authorities claimed that it was an air defence operating near Kerch and that they had shot down a drone.
  • Russian and local Telegram channels reported explosions at the aggressors’ military airfield in Sevastopol. However, the occupying "authorities" claimed that air defence was operating in the region.
  • Moreover, on the evening of 18 August, the Russians reported that an ammunition depot was on fire near the village of Timonovo, Belgorod Oblast, in the Russian Federation. Residents of the villages of Timonovo and Soloti have been evacuated to a safe distance.

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