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Explosions in Mykolaiv

Tuesday, 2 August 2022, 23:24
Explosions in Mykolaiv

Alona Mazurenko Tuesday, 2 August 2022, 21:44

Eyewitnesses report explosions heard in Mykolaiv on the evening of August 2.

Source: Suspilne; the Mayor of Mykolaiv, Oleksandr Senkievych


Details: The media reports that explosions have been heard in the city.

The Mayor of Mykolaiv added that a fire broke out in one of the city’s districts following powerful explosions at about 21:00. Power outages have been reported as well.

The authorities sounded the all clear in the region at 21:54.

The mayor reported at 23:06 that explosions, including cluster bombs blasts, were heard in the city again.

He urged the residents of Mykolaiv to stay away from the windows and reported that the power supply had been restored.

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