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Russia shells city of Mykolaiv using heavy artillery; 3 civilians injured in Mykolaiv Oblast

Friday, 5 August 2022, 09:55
Russia shells city of Mykolaiv using heavy artillery; 3 civilians injured in Mykolaiv Oblast


Residential houses were damaged in a Russian shelling of the Korabelnyi district in the city of Mykolaiv on the morning of 5 August. Three civilians were injured following a Russian attack on the village of Parutyne, in the Kutsurub hromada (amalgamated territorial community).

Source: Vitalii Kim, Head of the Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram


Quote: "On the night of 4 August and the morning of 5 August, the enemy shelled the Korabelnyi district of Mykolaiv. Preliminary reports indicate that a private house was struck and the neighbouring houses were damaged.

In addition, a fire broke out in an open area after it was struck by Russian ammunition and shrapnel. Details regarding the damage and casualties are being confirmed."

Details: Preliminary reports from the Mykolaiv Military Commandant's Office of Defence indicate that Russian forces used multiple launch rocket systems armed with cluster munitions to attack the Korabelnyi district on the night of 4 August. On the morning of 5 August, the Russians used a Pion long-range heavy artillery gun to carry out another attack on the district.

Kim also reported that the village of Parutyne in the Kutsurub hromada was shelled at 19:10 on 4 August; three civilians were injured in the shelling.

At 03:05 on 5 August, Russian forces shelled the village of Zaichevske in the Mishkovo-Pohorilove hromada. A residential building and a farm caught fire; several cars were damaged. Preliminary reports indicate there were no casualties.

The Russians also shelled the village of Shevchenkove (Shevchenkove hromada) on the night of 4 August, damaging houses and outbuildings, and causing a fire to break out in the nearby fields. There were no casualties.

In addition, Russian forces carried out a shelling in the Halytsynove hromada overnight. The extent of damage and destruction is being confirmed, but there are no casualties.

The towns and villages across the Bereznehuvate hromada are also being shelled by the Russians. Information regarding casualties and the extent of the damage inflicted by the shelling is being verified.

Earlier: Oleksandr Sienkevych, Mayor of Mykolaiv, said that powerful explosions rocked the city of Mykolaiv early on Friday morning.

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