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Ukrainian ambassador urges Canada to abandon repair of 5 more Nord Stream turbines

Friday, 5 August 2022, 10:50


Ukraine's ambassador to Canada Yulia Kovaliv has called on the Canadian government to reverse its decision to service Russian turbines for Nord Stream after Gazprom refused to collect the repaired turbine from Germany.

Source: Kovaliv in a speech to Canadian deputies; European pravda


Kovaliv recalled that the position of the Ukrainian government initially was that the decision to grant permission for the maintenance of Siemens turbines was a very dangerous precedent that violates international solidarity and contradicts the rule of law.

"And in fact, this exception to sanctions has already increased Moscow's sense of impunity. We repeat what we said earlier: it is clear that Russia's request for turbines had no technical basis and was only aimed at increasing pressure. The more you concede, the more courage the Kremlin feels in pushing for further exceptions. Simply put, this is a slippery slope," the ambassador said.

According to her, the maintenance of all 6 turbines in Canada will strengthen Russia's ability to terrorize Europe for years to come and disrupt efforts to address climate change.


"If the reason for the exception was not to allow Russia to blame the sanctions for interruptions in gas supply, now it is more than clear that Russia will turn the additional 5 turbines that were allowed to be serviced in Canada into a tool of humiliation. We urge you: do not catch the bait," Kovaliv said.

She stressed that Ukraine seeks to work with European countries on measures to reduce gas dependence. "We strive to help by using the Ukrainian gas route, offering gas storage facilities and supplying the EU with additional electricity that could replace up to 5 billion cubic metres of Russian gas," the ambassador said.

Reminder: the Government of Canada agreed to make an exception to sanctions against Russia and send the turbine for Nord Stream, which has undergone maintenance in Canada, to Germany – in order to meet Germany halfway and reduce the risks that the Russian Federation will not resume deliveries of NS1 after scheduled technical work.

Earlier, the media reported that a turbine for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline was stuck on its way in Germany, due to the fact that Moscow has not yet provided the necessary documents for transportation to Russia – in particular, details of when exactly it needs to be imported and through which customs point. 

The Kremlin denied media reports that Russia itself, by its actions, complicates the return of this turbine, which Canada returned after servicing, under pressure from Germany, despite sanctions. Gazprom says it has received documentation on the turbine, but it "still has questions" about the documents.

On 3 August, Gazprom said that due to Western sanctions, it was impossible to supply Russia with a turbine for Nord Stream, which was held in Canada.

Against this background, Gazprom announced the breakdown of another Nord Stream turbine, which is why the gas pipeline is operating at 20% of its declared capacity, leading to an energy crisis in Europe.

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