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European Commission President: Putin will fail, Ukraine and Europe will prevail

Wednesday, 14 September 2022, 11:10


Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, is convinced that Putin will fail in his war against Ukraine and Ukraine and Europe will prevail

Source: European Pravda reporting on the President of the European Commission’s annual State of the Union address to the European Parliament, on Wednesday


"Much is at stake here. Not just for Ukraine – but for all of Europe and the world at large. And we will be tested. Tested by those who want to exploit any kind of divisions between us. This is not only a war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. This is a war on our energy, a war on our economy, a war on our values and a war on our future. This is about autocracy against democracy," von der Leyen said.

She added that "with courage and solidarity, Putin will fail and Ukraine and Europe will prevail."

"Today – courage has a name, and that name is Ukraine. Courage has a face, the face of Ukrainian men and women who are standing up to Russian aggression," von der Leyen added.

Background: Olena Zelenska, First Lady of Ukraine, was invited as an honoured guest to this year’s EU State of the Union, which is a key event for EU members.

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