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Russian invaders released Moroccan who was "sentenced" to death

Wednesday, 21 September 2022, 22:46
Russian invaders released Moroccan who was sentenced to death


Russian invaders have released Brahim Saadoune, the Moroccan citizen who had been previously sentenced to death by the occupiers. He was among ten foreigners released from Russian captivity who had fought in Ukraine, and he was sent to Saudi Arabia.

Source: CNN


Details: It is reported that Brahim Saadoune who was held for several months by Russian invaders has been released as part of a prisoner exchange round between Russia and Ukraine mediated by Saudi Arabia.

This was reported by Imane Saadoune, his sister.

Imane Saadoune says her family has not been contacted by Moroccan or Saudi officials about her brother's release yet, but she recognized him on photos and videos where he has already arrived in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, with the mediation of Saudi Arabia, British citizen Aiden Aslin was released, who had been also sentenced to the "death penalty" by the occupiers.

In addition to Saadoune, among those released, there are 5 UK citizens, two Americans a 39-year-old US Army soldier Alexander Druke and Andy Gunn, Croat Vjekoslav Prebeg and one Swedish citizen.

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