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Over 70 people killed in Zaporizhzhia by Russian rockets since 30 September

Wednesday, 12 October 2022, 15:59
Over 70 people killed in Zaporizhzhia by Russian rockets since 30 September


As a result of Russian attacks since 30 September, over 70 people have been killed and hundreds were injured in Zaporizhzhia.

Source:  Oleksandr Starukh, the Head of the Zaporizhia Oblast Military Administration, during a briefing in Ukraine Media Centre


Quote: "High-rise, private sector buildings, infrastructure facilities destroyed and damaged. Terrible scars were left behind in the city after these barbaric attacks on civilian infrastructure.

All of the missiles that struck the city were high-precision guided missiles. They hit where they were supposed to. These bastards targeted residential buildings, and that's why we have so many casualties."

Details: According to Starukh, civilian services quickly dealt with the consequences of Russian missile strikes. There is only one facility left in the city, which is still being dismantled.

"In there [facility, which is still being dismantled –ed.], a rocket with a ton of explosives struck a high-rise building. So, we still need to work to solidify everything so that it does not fall on the heads of those who dismantle the rubble, and to get people's bodies so that they can be buried," said the head of the Oblast Military Administration.

On 12 October, according to Starukh, 7 rockets struck Zaporizhzhia and its suburbs. As a result of the Russian attack, a family was trapped in the basement. However, the rescuers quickly dismantled the rubble and released the people. No casualties were reported.

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