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Russians released proposed plans for occupied Mariupol until 2035

Wednesday, 12 October 2022, 23:00
Russians released proposed plans for occupied Mariupol until 2035


The Russian authorities ordered a master plan for the development of the occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol until 2035 and expect that by 2025 the city will have 350,000 residents.

Source: Publication Meduza, which refers to The Village


Details: The publication received the master plan for the development of occupied Mariupol until 2035, which was developed by the Unified Institute of Spatial Planning on the order of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation.

It indicates that the projected population of Mariupol in 2022 is 212,000 people.

Before the war, 450,000 people lived in the city. During the siege of Mariupol, according to the most modest estimates, more than 20,000 people died. Tens of thousands more residents left the city, becoming refugees.

The plan predicts that by 2025 Mariupol, occupied by Russia, will have 350,000 inhabitants. According to the Russian authorities, it will reach the pre-war population level by 2030, and in another five years half a million people will live there.

First of all, the proposed plan would restore private housing and multi-apartment buildings by constructing quickly assembled multi-apartment buildings to restore "life support, engineering, transport and social infrastructure".


According to the document, by the end of 2022, builders intend to build and renovate 2,240,000 square metres of housing in Mariupol, by 2025 – 2.76 million square metres, by 2030 – 2.5 million square metres and by 2035 – 1.25 million square metres.

Quote: "A separate slide in the presentation is dedicated to the restoration of the Ilyich Steel and Iron Works and Azovstal metallurgical plants. At these enterprises, owned by the richest businessman of Ukraine Rinat Akhmetov, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and fighters of the Azov regiment maintained a long-term defence. The Russian master plan provides for the creation of a technology park with several factories of related industries on the territory of Azovstal. Enterprises must provide jobs for 9,200 people.

In addition, in the historical center of Mariupol, it is proposed to restore the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection, Palace of Culture Azovstal, sewing factory Feia, hosiery factory, Theater Square, School of Arts and Drama Theater, which civilians used as a bomb shelter. It was blown up on 16 March. According to various estimates, 300 to 600 residents of Mariupol died as a result of the bombing, for which the authorities of Ukraine and the international community place responsibility on the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Representatives of the so-called DPR stated that during the analysis of the debris in the drama theatre, the bodies of 14 people were found."

Details: The Village also provides an anonymous assessment made by an urban planning expert. According to him, the proposed master plan for the development of occupied Mariupol does not have any social component. It does not have an image of the future and is viable only in a very short-term perspective.

Quote: "Apparently, the real task of the document is not long-term strategic development, but a very specific tactical story. That is to quickly hide the traces of the war in the centre, and to create a cheerful picture on a small piece of the city space. Not for the sake of the city's residents, but for the sake of the viewers who will see this picture".

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