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"Gauleiter" Saldo announces "organised movement" of population to Dnipro's left bank

Tuesday, 18 October 2022, 21:24
Gauleiter Saldo announces organised movement of population to Dnipro's left bank


Volodymyr Saldo, "gauleiter" [Russian-appointed puppet leader/governor; a term that referred to German governors of territories occupied by the Nazis in WWII] of the occupied part of the Kherson Oblast, announced the "organised movement of the civilian population" of a part of the population from the right bank of the occupied Kherson Oblast to the left.

Source: Saldo’s message on Telegram


Details: Saldo said that "the Ukrainian side is accumulating forces for a large-scale offensive" on Kherson. Also, according to him, "there is an immediate danger of flooding of territories due to the planned destruction of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant dam and the discharge of water from a cascade of power plants upstream of the Dnipro."

Quote: "In this situation, I have made the difficult but correct decision to announce the organised movement of the civilian population of the Beryslav, Bilozerska, Snihurivka and Oleksandrivska municipalities to the left bank of the Dnipro.

This decision has been made due to the creation of large-scale defensive fortifications so that any attack is repelled. Where military personnel operate, there is no place for civilians. Let the Russian army fulfil its task.

In these circumstances, our crucial task is to save human lives and allow the troops of the Russian Federation to perform their functions to protect Kherson Oblast effectively. We will take civilians to the left bank in an organised and gradual manner."

Background: Almost simultaneously with the message of Saldo, a statement appeared by the commander of the Russian group Sergey Surovikin, who, speaking about the situation around Kherson, did not rule out the possibility of making "difficult decisions".

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