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Powerful explosion heard in Sevastopol, occupiers say it was lightning

Sunday, 2 October 2022, 17:35
Powerful explosion heard in Sevastopol, occupiers say it was lightning
Illustrative photo Pixabay


A powerful explosion rang out in the centre of Russian-occupied Sevastopol.

Source: [Radio Liberty project] Krym.Realii; Telegram channels; Mikhail Razvozhayev, the so-called "Governor of Sevastopol", on Telegram


Details: A correspondent of Krym.Realii said that a powerful explosion was heard at about 15:00. 

According to local Telegram channels, the explosion took place on General Ostryakov Avenue near the Moskovskiy shopping centre.

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the protégé of the occupiers and the "governor of Sevastopol", explained the explosion as a lightning strike.

Quote from Razvozhayev: "There was an explosion in the office building next to the Moskovskiy shopping centre (in the former building of the convenience store). The building is not connected to the gas supply system. According to the early assumption of the rescue workers, lightning struck the roof. As a result, the window glass broke in some rooms. There was no fire; no one was injured. The Ministry of Emergencies is currently working at the scene."


On 1 October, ​​explosions were heard and black smoke was visible near Belbek airfield in occupied Sevastopol. The occupiers claimed that a plane had caught fire.

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