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Satellite photos show occupiers gathering forces on border of Belarus and Ukraine

Thursday, 20 October 2022, 12:15
Satellite photos show occupiers gathering forces on border of Belarus and Ukraine


Recent satellite photos show that the volume of Russian equipment and troops has increased at Zyabrovka airbase near the border with Ukraine.

Source: Belarusian Service of Radio Liberty

Details: The news agency draws attention to the fact that the Zyabrovka military airbase near Gomel has undergone significant changes over the past month. Recently, more Russian equipment and troops have arrived there.

Quote from the source from the Gomel district: "Russian military equipment and manpower arrived in Zyabrovka a week and a half ago. The Russians have been deployed there since the spring, but in limited numbers. Access to Zyabrovka is still closed. Russian troops are still there, but now there is more equipment and people."

Details: This is what the Zyabrovka airbase looked like on 24 August.


And this is what it looked like less than a month later, on 16 October.


The pictures show that sand embankments are being built in the northern part of the airfield.


Radio Liberty states that similar structures in the form of mounds can be seen, for example, in military unit 1146 of the anti-aircraft missile regiment, which protects the Astravets Nuclear Power Plant. There are radar stations installed on the embankments (see photo below), which are used to identify targets and guide missiles.


The satellite image below, taken on 16 October, shows that the number of military trucks has increased on the territory of the Zyabrovka airbase, the territory of the military camp has expanded, and the presence of S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems is visible. We also see a train that arrived with fuel.



  • On Thursday, the Ministry of Defence of Belarus announced the departure of Russian aircraft from Belarusian territory, allegedly to "patrol" the borders of the Union State [an organisation aimed at deepening the relationship between Russia and Belarus through integration in economic and defence policy – ed.].
  • As reported earlier, the Russians have launched MiG-31 fighter-interceptors from the airport in Machulyshchy (Belarus), some of which can carry Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.

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