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In Kharkiv Oblast, occupiers impose Russian propaganda through textbooks

Thursday, 27 October 2022, 16:28
In Kharkiv Oblast, occupiers impose Russian propaganda through textbooks


Employees of the Kharkiv Oblast Prosecutor’s Office have found approximately a hundred Russian textbooks filled with Russian propaganda, for pupils in the Borova village in Izium district in Kharkiv Oblast. 

Source: press service of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine


Quote: "The textbooks will be used in criminal proceedings as physical evidence of collaborative activity and genocide."


Details: The Prosecutor’s Office reported that pages of those textbooks are packed with Russian propaganda. For example, a history textbook contains twisted facts on how Russia took Ukrainian Crimea. Moreover, the textbooks’ authors have not failed to include "the recognition" [by Russia - ed.] of the self-styled "DPR" and "LPR" [self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic, respectively – ed.] in February 2022. 

Facts about the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine in late 2013-early 2014 are also twisted, even in a textbook on the basics of safety and health that teaches children the rules of fire safety and basic health information.

The Office of the Prosecutor General has highlighted that the occupiers tried to Russify students by destroying everything Ukrainian and wanted to start the new school year in the occupied cities and villages of Kharkiv Oblast in accordance with the school curricula and standards of the aggressor country.

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