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Belarus handed more than 65,000 tonnes of ammunition over to Russia in 7 months

Friday, 28 October 2022, 21:10


More than 65,000 tonnes of ammunition has been transferred from Belarus to Russia over the course of seven months of Russia’s full-scale invasion in Ukraine.

Source: Belaruski Hajun, an independent Belarusian military monitoring outlet, on Telegram


Quote: "@belzhd_live Telegram channel has shared data on the amount of ammunition that has been transferred from Belarus to the Russian Federation between March and September 2022.

According to the data, Lukashenko’s regime has sent 65,089 tonnes (or 1,940 freight cars) of ammunition from Belarus to the Russian Federation by rail."

Details: Belaruski Hajun noted that the largest amount of ammunition (22,534 tonnes or 689 freight cars) was transferred in April 2022.

At that point, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were transferring their own ammunition from Yelsk, Kozenki, Rechytsa, Khoyniki and Kalinkovichi. After a little dip in activity that followed in May and June, the transfer of ammunition from Belarus to Russia ramped up again in July. 

The following rail stations in Belarus were used to load ammunition onto freight trains to the Russian Federation (quantities in brackets represent seven-month totals):

  • Novobelitsa (312 tonnes);
  • Khoiniki (103 tonnes);
  • Rechytsa (1,078 tonnes);
  • Dobrush (21,549 tonnes);
  • Yelsk (56 tonnes);
  • Kozenki (1,236 tonnes);
  • Kalinkovichi (235 tonnes);
  • Vasilevichi (192 tonnes);
  • Tsentrolit (13,323 tonnes);
  • Lida (421 tonnes);
  • Baranavichy-Poliski (608 tonnes);
  • Luninets (1,573 tonnes);
  • Kolodyashchi (54 tonnes);
  • Bobr (1,459 tonnes);
  • Zaslonove (20 tonnes);
  • Lesovaya (7 tonnes);
  • Bronna Gora (15,601 tonnes);
  • Brest-Vostochny (21 tonnes);
  • Osipovichi-1 (7 241 tonnes).

In addition to ammunition, Belarus is transferring tanks and other military equipment to the Russian Federation. 

In the past several weeks, Belarus has handed over at least 94 T-72A tanks and 36 to 44 Ural trucks to Russia.

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