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Russian officials massively flee abroad to avoid mobilisation

Sunday, 30 October 2022, 15:05
Russian officials massively flee abroad to avoid mobilisation


Russian government officials and members of the Moscow City Hall are saving themselves from mobilisation by fleeing abroad, as reported by the media.

Source: Media outlet Nastoyashchee Vremya (Present Time) referring to Lola Tagaeva, editor-in-chief of media outlet Verstka


Details: Nastoyashchee Vremya reports about the departure of the employees of the Ministry of Education of Russia, the Ministry of Digital Development, and the Central Bank of Russia.

Some departments of the Moscow City Hall are missing 20-30% of their staff. Officials go on vacation and do not come back.

Quote: "They mostly go to the countries of Central Asia as the members of the Russian Football Union executive committee.

A few employees of the City Hall and different Ministries contacted us to share their story.

Nobody wants to fight, kill and be killed. Unlike the population of remote regions of Russia, members of government departments have access to various sources of information besides television. They realise what is going on."

Background: Sergei Shoigu, the Minister of Defence of Russia, reported to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, that partial mobilisation has allegedly finished, and 82,000 mobilised soldiers have been sent to Ukraine.

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