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Parliament's speaker explains what is happening with draft law on mobilisation

Ukrainian government considers two options for economic reservation from mobilisation

Zelenskyy signs laws extending martial law and mobilisation in Ukraine

Ukrainian President's Office considers audit a key task of new commander-in-chief: out of 1 million mobilised soldiers only 300,000 were on front

Ukrainian government allows enlistment offices to work round the clock during mobilisation and martial law

WP writes about critical shortage of infantry in Ukrainian army and decline in morale

Locking bank accounts categorically unacceptable – MP on mobilisation law penalties

An unconstitutional mobilisation bill would be almost impossible to adopt – Ukraine's National Security Council Secretary

Ukrainian parliament approves mobilisation bill on first reading

Ukraine's Ombudsman calls for adoption of draft law on mobilisation despite finding unconstitutional norms

Zelenskyy submits to Verkhovna Rada bills to extend mobilisation and martial law

Journalists who filmed protest by mobilised soldiers' wives detained in Moscow – photo, video

Head of National Security Committee: Draft law on mobilisation lacks rotation provision

New draft law on mobilisation: Only those with military training to be accepted for civil service

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers submits draft law on mobilisation to Parliament

New mobilisation bill is at final stage of development

Zelenskyy calls for fair mobilisation, opposes enforcement of callup notices by street patrols

Ukraine's Armed Forces will be able to train 500,000 mobilised troops – officer

UK intelligence attributes rise in attacks on military draft offices in Russia to expectations of new mobilisation

New mobilisation bill not yet submitted to Ukrainian Parliament

Ukraine's spy chief on Ukrainian counteroffensive: not everything is fine but no catastrophe either

Zelenskyy: I see no need to mobilise half a million people

Ukrainian parliament waits for new bill on mobilisation in early February

Parliament supports creation of electronic register for conscripts

Ukraine's Defence Ministry comments on re-introduction of mobilisation draft law in Parliament

1000 people join Russian army every day – Deputy Chief of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Estonia will not extradite Ukrainians of military age

Zelenskyy: Mobilisation law must be fair – that's the main thing

Defence Ministry says it is ready to introduce a new version of the draft law on mobilisation

Government officially announces withdrawal of mobilisation draft law