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Defence Ministry reports new Russian psyop against Ukraine's Armed Forces

Tuesday, 1 November 2022, 18:08
Defence Ministry reports new Russian psyop against Ukraine's Armed Forces

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has reported that the Russian propaganda machine has launched another wave of special psychological operations and is attacking the Delta situational awareness IT system used by Ukraine’s Armed Forces. 

Source: Ministry of Defence

Quote: "The enemy has started attacking the system and is spreading information about alleged hacking and data access among a network of propaganda sources, trying to discredit it.


The system is working stably, the data is secured, and no unauthorised breaches have been detected. The best IT developers and cyber security specialists at the Ministry of Defence are working on the system’s security, monitoring enemy activity in real time."

Details: The Ministry of Defence gave assurances that they realise what a strategically important target these systems are for the Russians.

For information: Delta is a system for collecting, processing and displaying information about the Russian forces, coordinating the defence forces, and providing situational awareness to NATO standards. 

The situational awareness system is used for planning operations and combat tasks, coordinating with other units, securely exchanging information about the locations of Russian positions, etc.

According to its developers, Delta provides three-dimensional understanding of a battlefield in real time and integrates information about the Russians from various sensors and sources, including intelligence data, to a digital map; it also does not require any additional settings and can function on any device - a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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