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Movement of military equipment towards Antonivka bridge noticed in Kherson

Thursday, 10 November 2022, 15:51

On 9 November, residents of the city of Kherson saw the Russian military equipment being moved towards the Antonivka bridge, which connects the left and right banks of the Dnipro river in Kherson.

Source: Halyna Luhova, the head of the Kherson City Military Administration, during the online briefing in Mediacentre Ukraine

Quote: "The situation is tense and complicated. There is no Internet. The occupation administration did everything to cut off the Internet in the city. No one would make contact since the previous evening. So I only have the information as of yesterday.


The residents report that yesterday in the evening, the export of military equipment was observed. The convoy consisted of the KAMAZ vehicles, heavy military equipment and some of the vehicles stolen from civilians. They were moving from the settlement of Snihurivka in the direction of the Antonivka Bridge. There was a big concentration…there were convoys."

Details: There is currently no fuel in Kherson.

In the villages of Pryozerne and Kamyshany, gas pipes were struck, and people were left with no heating. The situation is the same in the settlement of Bilozerka.

There is no electricity either in some districts of Kherson.

Luhova stated that the residents of Kherson were in panic as they do not know "what will happen next" as the occupiers were conducting raids and putting pressure on civilians. People only report shortly: there is no light, heating, or Internet connection, or movement of the Russian military equipment.

Luhova added that the population of Kherson was sceptical about Russians’ claims about their withdrawal from Kherson because even if there are no checkpoints, "you can feel the presence of the occupiers."


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