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Security Forces shut down bot farm that was spreading Kremlin propaganda

Friday, 11 November 2022, 16:51

The Security Service of Ukraine has uncovered and blocked a bot farm which was working for the Russian secret services. It was created by people living in Vinnytsia Oblast and the city of Kyiv.

Source: press service of the Security Service of Ukraine

Quote: "Cyber-experts from the Security Service of Ukraine have blocked a powerful bot farm which was working for the secret services of the aggressor country…


The specially equipped cyber-service enabled over 500 anonymous accounts per day to be registered on various social media platforms, including some that are banned in Ukraine."

Details: The bot farm was reported to have been spreading disinformation about the situation at the front on a massive scale and justifying Russia’s armed aggression.

The propaganda was spread on behalf of "ordinary" citizens who are allegedly living in Ukraine, specifically in the temporarily occupied territories.


The investigation found that the bot farm was organised by four people living in Vinnytsia Oblast, while technical support was provided by a resident of Kyiv.

Their main "customers" were members of the Russian secret services. They bought anonymous accounts through frontmen and used them to carry out information sabotage activities. The "bots" were paid for through Russian payment systems.

An investigation is currently ongoing under Art. 361.5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (unsanctioned interference in the operation of electronic calculating machines (computers), automated systems, and computer networks or electronic communication networks). Law enforcement officials will notify the organisers of the bot farm that they are suspects.


Since the beginning of the war, the Security Service of Ukraine has asked the Telegram social media platform to block over 1,500 anonymous channels that spread disinformation. 

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