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Belarus is outraged that Ukraine is strengthening its border

Saturday, 12 November 2022, 12:01
Belarus is outraged that Ukraine is strengthening its border

Belarusian border guards are outraged by the fact that "the Ukrainian military continues to mine territories adjacent to the border with Belarus".

Source: State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus

Details: Belarus alleges that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not only mining their border with the aggressor country, but are also "destroying roads and infrastructure facilities".

Belarusian border guards have even posted a video of the "mining".


Why this is important: Belarus is an aggressor country, just like Russia. Before the war, the Belarusian defence minister gave his Ukrainian counterpart "his word as an officer" that Russian troops would not enter [Ukraine] from Belarus.

Subsequently, Russian troops not only entered the territory of Kyiv and Chernihiv Oblasts, but have also been shelling Ukrainian cities from Belarusian territory for the whole nine months of the full-scale war.

In addition, the probability of a repeated attack by Russian or even Belarusian troops cannot be ruled out.

Background: A wall is being built on the northern border of Ukraine, and the oblasts bordering Russia are also being fortified.

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