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Occupiers take priceless stock from Kherson library

Saturday, 12 November 2022, 15:40
 Occupiers take priceless stock from Kherson library

The Russian occupiers have taken very valuable stock of the Oblast library named after Honchar from Kherson.

Source: Kherson City Council, citing Nadiia Korotun, the director of the Kherson Oblast Library named after Honchar

Quote: "There is also sad news. The occupiers took the pre-revolutionary publications that were published in the province of Kherson.


They are priceless! This is the largest collection of local lore. For scientists and teachers, students and local historians these are sources of information for research. An information resource for everyone interested in the history of the southern part of Ukraine has been destroyed."

Details: The director of the library expressed her hope that this collection will be returned to the library.

Previously: Special Operations Forces have reported that four lorries loaded with looted property arrived in occupied Simferopol. The Russians stole a total of 15,000 paintings from Kherson Oblast.


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