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Ukraine to receive Hawk system: how it will reinforce air defence

Tuesday, 15 November 2022, 18:56
Ukraine to receive Hawk system: how it will reinforce air defence

Ukraine hopes to receive the modernised Hawk air defence system along with missiles for it.

Source: Yurii Ihnat, spokesperson for the Air Force of Ukraine, on air with 24 Channel 

Quote: "Hawk is a system which may look a little odd, like it is from the past: three missiles on wheels. Other technologies exist now where missiles are already in containers. 


The Hawk air defence system is an outdated one and was dismantled long ago. However, it is still stored in the USA and other countries.

But this system has gone through several stages of modernisation and can be used for air targets of various types."

Details: According to Ihnat, it is desirable for Ukraine to receive these systems with the latest modernisation, indeed, in order for Ukraine’s air defence to be able to resist not only UAVs but also cruise missiles which the Russians are using to seriously threaten Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. 

Any weapons that will reinforce Ukraine’s air defence system are helpful, as highlighted by the spokesperson for the Air Force.

Ihnat said that it’s possible to criticise Spain for transferring outdated Aspide systems to Ukraine; however, those anti-aircraft missile systems are efficient for air defence units of the Ground Forces.

He has once again reminded that Ukraine’s territory is large, and it is impossible to efficiently cover its entire territory with air defence systems. 

Air defence systems with the longest range that we have are BukM1 and S-300; they are also outdated as they were made in the 1970-80s. Nevertheless, Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners make miracles with them, so, according to Ihnat, the Hawk air defence system’s range will be enough to cover some areas. 

At the same time, Ukraine has already obtained Iris-T and NASAMS air defence systems that are on combat duty already.

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