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Russia's missile capacity running out: only enough for 3 massive attacks left

Tuesday, 22 November 2022, 12:04
Russia's missile capacity running out: only enough for 3 massive attacks left

After the last missile strike on Ukraine, Russia's stock of missiles will be enough for no more than 3 more massive attacks, according to high-ranking sources in the power alliance.

Source: UP article "Peace is under rocket fire. The way Russia is trying to persuade Ukraine to negotiate"; Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov on Twitter

Quote: "As senior sources in the power alliance confirm, as of mid-November, the Russian missile capacity was still enough for a maximum of three massive attacks, similar to 15 November."


Details: At the same time, the outlet notes that the Ukrainian air defence forces are already succeeding in shooting down about 70% of missiles and Iranian-made kamikaze drones.

Russia needs 14 to 16 months to restock its missile arsenal.

Now Russia is wasting its remaining strategic missile reserves, and it is unable to restore production of these projectiles fast enough. "The Russian army is already forced to extract missiles from nuclear reserves, simply taking the nuclear warheads off," reads the article.

Russia's problems with its missile capabilities are also indicated by the fact that for several weeks now, Russia has been looking for opportunities to get Iranian-made ballistic missiles and more drones. "If Moscow could quickly restore its missile supply, it would not look for imports," the article says.

At the same time, Ukraine’s defence minister published data on the use of various types of missiles by Russian invaders.

Quote from Reznikov: "Four enemies of the Russian missile arsenal: brilliant Ukrainian air defence forces; wayward Russian missile forces; sanctions; time. Demilitarise a terrorist state in order to live in peace!"

More details: According to the graph, Russia still has 119 Iskander cruise missiles (13% left), 347 3M-55 Oniks anti-ship missiles (74% left), 6,980 S-300 anti-aircraft missiles (87%), 229 Kalibr cruise missiles (37%), etc.


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