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Zelenskyy lists six things that Europe can do to ease winter in Ukraine

Tuesday, 13 December 2022, 12:29
Zelenskyy lists six things that Europe can do to ease winter in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked European countries to help Ukraine overcome the energy crisis caused by Russia's bombing this winter. He named six priority needs.

Source: Zelenskyy during the Solidarity with the Ukrainian People conference, as reported by his Telegram channel

Details: According to him, this assistance will not only allow Ukraine to "survive the winter, but also prove as clearly as possible to any anti-democratic and anti-European forces, and first of all to Russia, that Europe has learned not to allow a catastrophe and protect its people".


Quote: "First. We require several categories of equipment: Transformers, equipment for restoring high-voltage networks, gas turbine and piston engines.

Second. At least until the end of this heating season in Ukraine, we require emergency support from the European energy system.

Third. Same as with the IAEA observation missions, which are agreed to be sent to all nuclear power plants in Ukraine, we call on the European Union to send special missions to critical energy infrastructure facilities that are involved in Ukraine's energy supply and on which the stability of our entire region directly depends.

Fourth. We require support to purchase about 2 billion cubic metres of gas.

Fifth. Another practical result of this conference can be an agreement on financing a project for the purchase of LED lamps for Ukraine.

And sixth. We require a special permanent coordination mechanism – the Paris mechanism. Which will allows us to provide timely and effective responses to every challenge of the Russian energy terror."

Background: Earlier, Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, said that Ukraine needs US$1 billion for a quick recovery of the critical infrastructure to go through the winter period.

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