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Russian Duma embarks on "cleansing" Russian language of Western words

Tuesday, 13 December 2022, 17:41
Russian Duma embarks on cleansing Russian language of Western words

The State Duma of Russia has adopted amendments to the federal law "On the State Language" in the first reading, which will "protect it from the excessive use of foreign words."

Source: Radio Liberty

Details: According to the bill, the government will determine the procedure for forming and approving a list of normative dictionaries and reference books of Russian language. These dictionaries and guidelines will regulate the Russian language norms of use in everyday activities of state bodies, courts, media, cinema, advertising and other areas.


Quote from the explanatory note: "The bill provides for the inadmissibility of using foreign words, except for those that do not have commonly used alternatives in the Russian language. The specified projected norm is aimed at protecting the Russian language from the excessive use of foreign words."

More details: The law also introduces a mandatory linguistic examination of draft normative acts for their compliance with the norms and rules of the Russian language.

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