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Russia starts extensive Baltic fleet exercises

Friday, 16 December 2022, 17:01
Russia starts extensive Baltic fleet exercises

The command-staff exercise involving more than 1,500 servicemen, over 10 combat vessels and aircraft started in Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation.

Source: Russian news outlet Interfax citing the press service of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation

Details: It is stated that "tactical groups of ships will leave their bases at the appointed time and deploy forces of the fleet in the appointed districts of the Baltic Sea in order to carry out exercise tasks" within the framework of the exercise.


The vessel groups of the Baltic Naval Base will perform "practical missile attacks and artillery shelling for hitting ships and aircraft of a nominal enemy" during the exercise.

In addition, soldiers of the unit for defending against underwater sabotage forces and means will carry out tasks of protecting vessels and submarines of the Baltic Sea Fleet and the base from sabotage and reconnaissance groups of a nominal enemy.

Operators of the Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems will destroy sea targets on the shore of Kaliningrad Oblast. All this is reported by the press service of the fleet. 

Moreover, the vessel groups have to work through joint swimming in a single marching order, repelling air attacks of a nominal enemy with shooting at air targets and conducting a training naval battle.

Reminder: All this is happening against the background of the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine and the statements of Ukrainian officials about the probability of a new Russian offensive on Kyiv at the beginning of 2023.

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